My photographic condition



I’m in Denmark right now, posting from a surfcamp in Klitmøller. Me and my girlfriend came here Sunday. She to surf and me to photograph her surfing. I tend to do that. Photograph her surfing that is. To be honest, I photograph everything, all the time. People, places, objects and environments. It’s like a passion I can’t stop, like there are thousands of pictures I need to take, and just like a kid that have too many pokemons left to catch, I have too many pictures left to take.

My photographic career has been an ongoing project for an odd 13-14 years and started when my son was about to be born and that resulted in me getting a camera, but the only pictures that got taken was the normal baby ones. A few years later I got into video making and invested in a Canon legria with a DOF adapter, you know those pre-DSLR-video-adapters that would let you hang any 35mm lens on the video camera. Suddenly you got depth of field and bokeh was the most important thing in all videos. If we jump forward a few more years, we’re at that moment in time when I got the Canon Eos 550D with a range of lenses. Still focused on video but during a trip to Sri La nka I decided that photography was something that was pretty fun, and since I had all the necessary equipment, why not put it to use. During this trip I took some of the most amazing photos that will live with me for the rest of my life and this sparked a huge interest for photography with me.

It was time for the next trip to Sri Lanka and for this trip I decided to change system. Mostly because I wanted a smaller system that was easy to take with me and still offered a good image quality and finally we got the Sony A6000 with 3 different lenses.

inspiration was sparked and this time I took even more and better pictures. Now I had a better clue of what to do with the camera and what to expect of the outcome, and when I got back I was stoked and just wanted more of the feeling and that led to me buying the small Sony RX100m3. A perfect camera suited for candid street photography. I don’t know how or where I heard about the Fujifilm x100, but probably in one of the YouTube videos where they compare different cameras against each other. That camera got me interested and a short while later I bought a slightly used Fujifilm x100t, mainly because I heard that it was good for street photography. This decision changed the whole way I see photography, and it also changed my perception as a photographer. In my hand I had a camera that was technically underpowered compared to the A6000 and the RX100 but the image quality and the sheer fun it made photography again is unvaluable. The x100t put the fun back into photography and took away all the thoughts about this setting being that and that setting being this.

Long story short, I sold both my Sony cameras and switched to the Fujifilm X-pro1 and X-pro2 and haven’t regretted that decision yet since it has taken my photography one step further. The Fujifilm cameras feels like they’re not technical tools but rather an extension of your photographic self. That might sound corny but that’s a fact. So now I’m 100% a Fujifilm photographer and couldn’t be happier with the IQ and handling of the cameras. The fact that everything that comes out of the camera looks finished is also a bonus!

i hope that you will join me on this photographic expedition and hopefully we’ll find many awesome things to shoot…

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